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Workout Of the Day

"Cinco DeMayo Super Friemds"

16:00 AMRAP Partner Obstacle Course:
1 Wall Walk
Bound over Box Walls
Pick up Landminds
Plank Walk Ladder
Roman chair ball twists, switch

16:00 Super Friends Shoulder Smash



Why do you/don't you do CrossFit?

Since we are now part of a larger community, I'd like to take a moment to find out why some of you do CrossFit and why some of you don't do CrossFit. Read both articles and post to comments some of the reasons you do/don't do it. We appreciate all comments and won't try to convince you either way that everyone can and should be doing it. Because that's not the case. If you aren't having fun doing it...you shouldn't do it. If you don't feel safe doing it...you shouldn't do it. If you aren't getting results or making your...

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  • I do it to make them gains

    Posted by John Falcone, 02/09/2016 (3 months ago)


I cannot thank you enough for the amazing coaches you have. A great coach makes...

- Jen C.


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