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Workout Of the Day

"Monday 1/26/2015"

Skill Development - Handstand Push-ups 15 min.

-then- 3 Rounds for time of:

10 FR Reverse Lunges
200m Run



1,000,000m Row/Run Challenge

Join us for the 1 million meter challenge. It includes ALL rowing and running meters you accumulate on your own and at the box. Run a 5k on the weekends and record it in our group spreadsheet. Come in before class and row to nowhere. Then do it again after class and you will accumulate the daily goal of 2,750m. Even if you don't make the 1 million meters by New Year's Eve 2015, you will have attacked that cardio endurance that is not always present in the daily WOD, but can be done daily.

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    Posted by Coach Dana, 01/05/2015 (21 days ago)


CrossFit has transformed me not just physically but has mentally conditioned me for some of...

- Terri P.


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