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Workout Of the Day

"Field Trip WOD"

We are taking a field trip for Saturday WOD. Join us at: 
6903 Vista Pkwy N Suite 6
West Palm Beach, Florida

There will be a 9 AM and 10 AM class. No 8 AM!
Don't forget to bring your friends to partner up with you. Kids are welcome to stay in the beautiful kids room but there will be NO kids class!


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Register for the CF Games Open

The CrossFit Games Open is an opportunity for you to "prove your fitness" outside of CrossFit BGI in the worldwide community of CrossFitters. Read the full post to get more information and registration link. Workouts will be released on Thursday's by CrossFit and BGI will program them on Friday's starting this week. If you miss one, you can make it up that Saturday or Sunday. Special traveling exceptions can be made with Coach Wyatt or Coach Lupe. Scores must be submitted no later than Monday's. Don't forget to select CrossFit BGI - West Palm Beach as your affiliate and add...

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Crossfit, to me, has meant an awakening. It has removed the blinders I’ve had on...

- Paul Fournier- Marlins Strength Coach


Upcoming Events

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    Free Partner Team WOD's

    Date: Mar 28, 2015 8:00am
    all day Tuesday's and Saturday at 8AM