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Start time for Summer

Dana Lynch - 06/27/2016

We spoke with people at 5:30 AM about changing the start time of class during the summer to 5 AM. This would allow more people to come to class from the crowded PM sessions and be able to shower comfortably before work.

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What WOD tracker app do you use?

Dana Lynch - 06/26/2016

We want to know what WOD Tracker app you are using so we can recommend it to everyone at the box. Beyond the Whiteboard, WOD Book, WODzilla or give us the name of another you've found.

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Why do you/don't you do CrossFit?

Dana Lynch - 11/22/2015

Since we are now part of a larger community, I'd like to take a moment to find out why some of you do CrossFit and why some of you don't do CrossFit. Read both articles and post to comments some of the reasons you do/don't do it.

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Warmed Up & Ready to Go!

Dana Lynch - 11/16/2015

There is a trend happening amongst all class times that needs to be addressed and corrected. First, being on time for class! It's only 4-5 minutes and we haven't started the big deal right? Wrong! Let's look at an appointment based scenario you may understand better.

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Drunk Murph for Charity

Dana Lynch - 11/09/2015

Join us this Sunday, Nov 15th, 2-6pm for another day of debauchery!

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Halloween Happy Hour & WOD

Dana Lynch - 10/25/2015

Not necessarily in that order. This Friday, October 30th, we will host a Halloween WOD. Everyone is encouraged to wear a costume and come to the PM classes. Post workout adult beverages (beer) will be on hand after the 7 PM class, but you are free to bring your own...

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No Fundamentals This Week

Dana Lynch - 10/19/2015

There will be NO fundamentals class this week with Coach Justin on vacation. Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Hooverball in Park Saturday

Dana Lynch - 09/08/2015

Join us this Saturday at 10 AM (no 9 AM class!) for a game of Hooverball. Think volleyball with an 8# Wallball.

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New Classes Added to the Schedule

Dana Lynch - 07/12/2015

Finally we are repeaping the benefits of having several coaches on staff and being part of a team with some of the best coaches in their respective sport. Now that I am no longer a "one man show" and we have Justin Nicholson as a full-time coach along with myself,...

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Last week before we move!

Dana Lynch - 06/21/2015

I am very excited (and scared) that this will be the last week in our current location. We have spent almost 8 years in this location. My children grew up here and there is a comfortable family feel we have all come to know and love about this location.

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