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Why do you/don't you do CrossFit?

Dana Lynch - 11/22/2015

Since we are now part of a larger community, I'd like to take a moment to find out why some of you do CrossFit and why some of you don't do CrossFit. Read both articles and post to comments some of the reasons you do/don't do it.

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Warmed Up & Ready to Go!

Dana Lynch - 11/16/2015

There is a trend happening amongst all class times that needs to be addressed and corrected. First, being on time for class! It's only 4-5 minutes and we haven't started the workout...no big deal right? Wrong! Let's look at an appointment based scenario you may understand better.

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Drunk Murph for Charity

Dana Lynch - 11/09/2015

Join us this Sunday, Nov 15th, 2-6pm for another day of debauchery!

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