Our clients had a few words:

Crossfit has changed me much more than I ever expected. It has made me a more complete person, more aware of my health and much stronger, willing to work hard, no matter what, to achieve what I set my mind to. My Crossfit journey wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of Dana, Todd and my very good friend Jeff – Thanks!

- Maria N

CrossFit has transformed me not just physically but has mentally conditioned me for some of life's mountains I must climb.

- Terri P.

BGI has provided new athletic challenges that this runner didn’t know existed. It has made me a stronger person physically and mentally. It has provided goals for me to attain on a weekly basis. Most importantly, it has created an environment that tests my abilities and allows me to expect more from myself.

- Mary Bart

Crossfit, to me, has meant an awakening. It has removed the blinders I’ve had on my head for years to the fitness industry. What can be more-simple than going as hard as you can for as long as you can, no gimmicks. Just do the work and you’ll get fit.

- Paul Fournier- Marlins Strength Coach

Crossfit is more than just an exercise or fitness routine. It’s more than a lifestyle choice. And BGI is so much more than just a gym. I didn’t seek out Crossfit on purpose, and perhaps that makes the effect it has had even more special to me. Dana and Todd you have given me an incredible gift that I will forever be grateful for.

- Gabrielle B

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing coaches you have. A great coach makes all the difference when trying to get fit and better yourself. And, for the excellently planned WODs. None ever undoable. They are always scaleable and the goal reachable and it makes me want to keep coming back for more!! So thankful I found CrossFit BGI!! :))

- Jen C.

I love my gym & the support they give is so motivating! One thing I love about Crossfit is that it makes you stronger outside of your physical abilities! The mental impact is simply amazing =) #TeamBGI

- Brasai

Tonight I finally got to see what I love about CrossFit in action. The Community (that's a capital C for emphasis) at BGI is phenomenal. This was my 2nd visit after hearing great things about the trainers and the members, and now I've seen it for myself. The trainers are attentive, patient, focused on good form, full of positive feedback, and they use the right amount of "Go for it! Because you know you can!" coaching. I would highly recommend CrossFit BGI as a place to go and find your best self. Dana, Todd, and the members will welcome you with open arms...and then they'll push you to your next PR! :)

- Marceline S.