So you are price shopping!

That's great! We understand there are many CrossFit gyms to choose from. When we opened in 2007, people had not even heard of CrossFit. For those of you who don't know, joining a CrossFit "box" is not like joining a traditional "gym", but rather like joining a group or a team. Therefore, we invite you to schedule a free trial session* any day of the week so that you can experience our program and decide if we are a good fit for each other. We will scale or modify your workout and movements, so that you are able to participate no matter what your current fitness level is or isn't. If you like our community of great people at BGI, felt like you got individual attention in a group class, and recognized that our coaching staff is second to none, you will be back.

The first step is scheduling that free trial class now! Use the menu to the right to schedule your free trial session and familiarize yourself with our different memberships. If you are not sure you are even ready to try our program for free, please fill out this online form so that we may answer your additional questions.

*Free trial session requires proof of Palm Beach County residency.